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Love can be amazing or Horrible. When She says she doesnt love you but you love her anyway. When you talk about her so much your friends get annoyed. When you ask her out and she stops talking to you but you still want her. If you cant call her Baby, and tell her you love her you'll go insane. When she wants to hangout you'll walk out right in the middle of friends. When your at a party and Alot of girls are dtf and you dont even care. you just sit theyre getting drunk thinking about how shes not yours. Its amazing in someways, but its one of the few things that can tear anyone to pieces. I love you Jay<3
Ex 1 ; Person In love : "Shes amazing and I want to be able to call her mine, And I cant stop thinking about her and I dont know what to do"
Friend : "Can you shut up about her already?!"
Ex 2 ; Some random slut : "Hey cutie ;) "
Person in love : "Please go away."
Ex 3 ; Girl/boy : "Wanna go out?"
Person in love : "Nope, i love -insert name here- "
by JameslovesJay July 03, 2011
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