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A band that hails from El Paso, Texas and stays true to its routes no matter what the circumstances. All around the wickest band in its class. Energetic, fast paced, intelligent rock that's bound to reach your soul. Napoleon Solo is a wicked song.
If you don't know who At The Drive-In are, you're listening to too much hip-hop and heavy metal on MTV. Therefore you suck.
by James Peich October 27, 2004

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A long time ago, there was At The Drive-In. In 2000, they suddenly split. The aftermath resulted in two bands:
The Mars Volta and Sparta.
In my opinion Sparta are pretty damn good, but as are the Mars Volta. They're both very talented bands, and are of two completely differnt styles.
Their debut album, Wiretap Scars, and follow up, Porcelain are both beauties. Very solid rock. Also they put on a good show, so you're gonna have an awesome time, Colin. See you in the mustache.
"I've seen these scenes haunt my in my dreams, I've just begun to question why..."

"Those are some damn good lyrics. Turn that shit up."
by James Peich October 27, 2004

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