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Commonly referred to as "Books" by people of the time, these objects were used by people as their source of reading before the eBook. Operated by turning pieces of paper that contained words written in actual ink. During this time people were inconvenienced by driving downtown and checking these materials out for free at a "Public Library," which was a place that loaned books out for a 2 week period.
Guy #1) Hey, what is that?

Guy #2) It's J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye."

Guy #1) Umm, where is the On/Off switch?

Guy #2) It's an Analog Book, I just turn the pages of paper.

Guy #1) Wow, where did you get that at?

Guy #2) At the Public Library.
by James Edward Dean January 31, 2010
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(n) To receive a blow job while taking a shit.

That bitch didn't even care that I was on the toilet she grabbed my cock stuck it in her mouth and gave me a bloopie right there. I finished up by blowing my load in her eye.
by James Edward Dean May 27, 2008
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