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The phrase "God Damnit", which when expressed in a grammatically correct fashion would read "God Damn It," is a vulgarity used to express frustration. It's literal definition is "May the Christian God Damn it to Hell". In slang, it is a phrase used in a generally non-religious context. For example, if one cannot get an electronic device to work properly, one might exclaim "God Damnit!", meaning that you are so upset with the device you wish that God would condemn it to eternal damnation.

It is rarely used literally, and is considered a lesser of vulgarities, though to the extremely religious it is considered highly offensive. In the Christian faith it is considered a violation of one of the ten commandments.
"I can't get this VCR to work! God Damnit!"
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006

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Martika is a Cuban-American actress and singer. Born Marta Marerro, her Cuban-immigrant parents put her into show business. She began her career as a lead in the children's television program "Kids Incorperated". In 1988 CBS records signed her to a record deal hoping she would be the next Madonna. Her first album, "Martika," had hits with the songs "More Than You Know," "I Feel the Earth Move" and "Toy Soldiers". The latter is considered her biggest hit.

In 1991 she released her second album, "Martika's Kitchen," which was co-produced and co-written by Prince. Hit singles surfaced in the title track and the power-ballad "Love...Thy Will be Done". A world tour followed. In the mid-90's she starred as Dhalia Mendez on the television show "Wiseguys".

She faded into obscurity until the late 1990's when a new album called "The Journey" began circulating in mp3 format. It was never released.

In 2003 she formed the goth-pop duo "Oppera", and released two albums: "Oppera" and "Violince"
"Martika is a very famous singer."
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006

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Kids Incorperated, also known as Kids Inc., was a television show that ran in the United States. It was a show oriented towards children in which a group of young people, ranging in ages from around 10 to 18, performed music together at a soda shop called "The Place". Each episode was strung together by a storyline that usually taught a lesson.

The show was the launching pad for a variety of careers, including Martika, Fergie, Mario Lopez, Shanice, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others.
"Kids Incorperated was my favourite show as a kid!"
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006

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1.The nickname of singer/actress Stacey Ferguson, best known as the lead singer of the group Black Eyed Peas. Former child actress who starred in "Kids Incorperated," and went on to be 1/3 of the girl pop group "Wild Orchid". Had a supporting role in the film "Poseidon".

2.The nickname of Sarah Ferguson, British royal.
"Fergie is the best part of the Black Eyed Peas."
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006

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