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An act, usually performed by a male, characterized by the placement of one's scrotum into the mouth of another. Originally coined by angry American colonists who, in response to the unforgiving Tea Act of 1773, retaliated by boarding British ships in the Boston Harbor dressed as Native Americans (see Indians) and proceeded to dip their scrotums into the mouths of British seamen. Because this embarrassing act resembled the brewing of tea and was coupled with the British fondness for fine tea, colonists began to name this act "teabagging."

By the late nineteenth century, hostilities with Great Britain had diminished in America. Since the founding of America, teabagging has remained a strong humiliation and has only grown more popular. At the Geneva Convention of 1949, British diplomats appealed to change the name of this event from "The Boston Teabag Party" to "The Boston Tea Party," removing all negative associations to the now pariah act of teabagging.
Navajo Chief: We accept your peace offering, Washington. In return, the spirits will grant you a swift victory over the British. We will now demonstrate the ancient technique of teabagging.
George Washington: Astounding teabagging, gentlemen. The Redcoats will surely repeal these taxes on our tea!
by James Declanio March 20, 2010
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