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A hammer made out of rusty steel with a handle made out of red wood, covered in rawhide. The head of the hammer is distinct for having 2 claws that have several small spines, similar to the exterior of a porcupine, located on the front and sides of each claw. When used correctly, the hammer can tear off half of a mans sack in one blow, leaving him belittled and humiliated like a punk ass soft bitch.
"Elizabeth, bring out the sack hammer!" *Said in the most british, caucasian, douche bag voice you can think of. For further examples, watch anything that may appear on the BBC channel.*

"You just got skunked in beer pong! You know what that means little Billy! Bring out my sack hammer and two pounds of petroleum jelly!"

"For the theft of my cotton, at the hands of this dirty dirty nigger slave, I shall sentence him to a whipping, a flogging and sack hammer orgy, where all the white women that he has ever wanted to screw will suck him off, while administering the sack hammer to full usage." -Originally spoken by King George...
by James the Third June 20, 2007

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