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fast (adj): denoting either
1) one who is able to accelerate quickly by foot or other means or,
2) one who is sexually promiscuous

edith (n): one who holds herself in high regard because, well, dammit, she can. Of increased bearing and ability, she has been charged with defense of the world and its inhabitants, but does not necessarily take this to heart.

ergo: fast edith - superhero of the highest fallen order. lives a life of speed and wanton living.

antonyms: stupid-pitiful-and-gay-trey, waste of space, lying whore, 13 year old girl
fast edith stood strong. she stood noble. she stood tall. even her stoop had leveled out to a degree and there was a gleam in her eye. a gleam that hadn't been there for some time. it was time for a reckoning. and fast edith wasn't one to be reckoned with ...
by Jambalaya Jefferson January 27, 2004
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