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"WoW" or world of warcraft is an addictive MMO that is more addictive than crack those who play it will have no life, and they will never get laid and they will live with their parents for the next 35 years or their parents kill themselves because they are disgusted from their loser children
Loser: Hey how come you dont play WoW
Losers Friend: Cause i would rather eat gonnorhea clam dip and smegma gravy than play that peice of shit (World of Warcraft)
Loser:*cries* its not a peice of shit its a way of life
Losers Friend: Yeah a Shitty way of life!
Loser: *cries* im gonna go kill myself *slits own throat and has parranas eat him alive*
Losers Friend: Haha your 80 Deathknight aint saving you now!

by Jake Drake April 06, 2008
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