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Someone who is so cute that it/she/he is good enough to eat.
Your baby is really cutelicious!
by Jaggae February 22, 2007

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A movie based in Poland WWII, starring actor Robin Williams as Jakob. He overheard the BBC on the German Officer's radio that the Russians are coming to their aid. He tell his friends the good news but lies about owning a radio. He was then caught and asked to denouce the radio, but he refused to and was executed in front of the whole town. The town's folk was then packed into a train bound to the concentration camps but was soon intercepted by the Russians.

Now Jakob the Liar is used for a person who sincerely lies just to give everyone hope.
Katrina Victim 1: Maybe we can all catch a movie, something to cheer us up.
Katrina Victim 2: Hey stop Jakob The Liar.
Katrina Victim 1: Never heard of shadow play?!
by jaggae July 23, 2006

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