1 definition by Jacob overman is a twig

Jacob overman is a gay faggot ass bitch. He is very dumb and has shit grades. He is the disgrace to the family. He is also a looser with no real friends. He is very easily butt hurt and with cut his wrist if the people he thinks are his friends make jokes about him. Sometimes he will even cut him self over a video game. He likes to make shitty YouTube videos were he usually tells some retarted stories with gameplay in the background. The gameplay is usually him sweating his balls off in a single player game becuase he sucks at all fps online games. He also looks like a twig becuase of how skinny he is. The people he calls "friends" call him twig and this leads him to get butt hurt and send a video of him cutting his wrist in a group chat. He is also ugly as fuck and can't get no bitches, but he is into the crusty ugly black chicks. So overall you don't want to be friends or even interact with a Jacob overman becuase he is a fucking faggot.
Don't talk to that kid he is such a jacob overman he is cutting his wrist over sonic adventures and becuase his friends called him a plastic bag.
by Jacob overman is a twig July 22, 2016
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