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1) A native or inhabitant of any of the Polynesian, Micronesian, or Melanesian islands of Oceania.
2) A person of Polynesian, Micronesian, or Melanesian descent.

Contrary to popular belief or the constant wanting to be Pacific Islander, rather than Asian (maybe due to the fact that there are negative stereotypes that surround Asians), Filipinos are classified as Asian. Not Pacific Islander.
1st Friend: Hi, what race are you guys?
2nd Friend: I'm Pacific Islander, I'm from Guam.
3rd Friend: I'm also Pacific Islander, I'm Filipino.
1st Friend: Hey dumbshit! If you are Filipino, you are Asian. Stop trying to be Pacific Islander! Wannabe!
3rd Friend: BUT...BUT...BUT!...our country is an island in the Pacific.
1st Friend: Uhhhh so are Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia! dumbass!
3rd Friend: Oh! I guess I'm ashamed to be called Asian.
by Jack Garcia November 24, 2007

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1. a native or inhabitant of the Philippines.

Contrary to popular belief, Filipinos are not Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islanders is a strict term and refers exclusively to Oceania. People generally stereotype Asians being "East Asian", this in turn has made Filipino-Americans who do not fit the stereotype...to not want to be termed Asian.

However, the Philippines is part of ASEAN (Assoc. of SE Asian nations). They are not part of any of the Pacific Islander nations which, again, refers to Oceania.

a - what is a Filipino?
b - Someone from the Philippines?
c - Yes

a - what is Asian?
b - Someone from Asia?
c - Yes

a - what is Pacific Islander
b - A native or inhabitant of any of the Polynesian, Micronesian, or Melanesian islands of Oceania.
c - Yes

a - does that include the Philippines?
c - Have you checked the map lately? that island is considered part of SE Asia. Taiwan and Japan are also islands, that doesn't mean they are Pacific Islanders. Read a dictionary sometime.
by Jack Garcia November 27, 2007

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