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A disease-ridden, mentally and developmentally disadvantaged organism of unknown gender found on MTV's hit show, Jersey Shore (or 'Joysey Shoy'). Claims to hold close to the heart its Italian heritage but is known to have originated somewhere in Chile.

Has more sexually transmitted diseases than one can keep track of, and will more than willingly insert a penis into any cavity on its body (an act which it refers to as 'smooshing').

Orange in color, miniature in stature, and with the IQ of a small infant, it is needless to say that Snooki is one of the most abominable and atrocious creatures to ever walk the Earth.
Snooki has a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases which it would be happy to pass on to you.
by JR Frenchtoastersticks v2.0 February 25, 2011

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