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Where a ladies nipples are in a downward motion at an almost 30 degree angle. Providing ease of tit ejaculation that provides an even sprinkler effect to young offspring. This also comes in handy when your partner's peforming a well known "tit wank" as the milk sprays in their ball sack providing a moist cushioning to what should be suspected as later intercourse. I hope you've enjoyed reading daJHDICTIONARYOFLUV.
H: hey J, your tits are lookin pretty dolphinised today
J: Why thankyou, me and my partner needed a change, he said his balls were always aching and dry
and of course my offsrping were hungry.
H: wow i wish i had dolphin tits!
by JJDOLPHINNUMBER2 January 19, 2011

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