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A guy who needs to put little children in his songs who can probably rap better than him. He is liked by people with names like Scott Jenkins or Freddy the Unicorn who like pivot and who can't get their calculators to work, and say things like "MISS can I have a RULER pleaseeeee?" In a really put-on low voice.
Scott: Oh crap my calculator won't work!

(Window smashes as Jibbs bursts through)

Jibbs: I'll fix it!

(Jibbs sings)

Jibbs: My name is Jibbs, I play on Pivot. Went on teh internetz and say Runescape was down so I heard Scotts call, broke thru da window and sung ma song, make dat calculator work...

(Jibbs babbles on)

Scott: Wow Jibbs thanks! It works!

Cool guy: Yeah cool Jibbs now gtfo kthnxbai.
by JGray July 25, 2009

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