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The World Wrestling Federation WAS the worldwide leader in "Sports-Entertainment" specializing in scripted, wacky storylines and fixed matches during a time period from 1980-2002 when it was FORCED by those arrogant "pandas" aka the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to change their promotional name from World Wrestling Federation (the real WWF) to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), since then WWE has become a shithole where pussy ass bitches like John Cena (a wannabe who can't wrestle for shit) and Randy Orton (who at time of definition entry was Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion) SCREW WWE!!

Long Live the REAL WWF (World Wrestling Federation)!!!!!
Person 1) Sir,I demand you donate $100 to the WWF
Person 2) Why? so you can ruin my life?
Person 1) Excuse Me? You disrespectful jerk!!!
Person 2) I ain't dealing with no stupid ass, good for nothing "pandas" who STOLE the WWF initials from that wrestling promotion in Stamford, CT
Person 1) Why are you still angry about that?
Person 2) Because EVERYBODY knows that the real WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation, so take that biatch!!!!
Police Officer) Sir, you're now under arrest for harassment of a wildlife-based fundraising organization!!!!
Person 2) NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
by JDawg01913 February 23, 2014

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