10 definitions by JDAltazar

After doing a girl doggie style or anal. You pull out and spit on her back right before you're about to blow your load and when she turns around thinking you're done you shoot your load in her face.
I tricked bridgette out with a Houdini.
by JDAltazar January 28, 2003
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A man who has three girls bend over in front of him, he then fucks the middle one while fingering the other two. For 'pimps' and 'mack daddys'
Man, J surely is a Trifornicator, did you hear what happened last night with bridgette, sarah and emily? Boobashaka
by JDAltazar January 28, 2003
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Position done in a graveyard where you have the female bend over a tombstone, then you lay on top of her and fuck her doggie style.
by JDAltazar January 29, 2003
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