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Janucray is what happens after you get your resolutions and game plan together for the new year and then you get hit by the bus of lunacy.....and crazy people....(sometimes the crays are your friends- it's contagious !!...)
Yeah, after the holidays Leslie said she was gonna start hittin' the gym and that she was gonna dump Bill.... instead she just went all Janucray !!

resolutions cray bonkers cray cray loopy
by JD Steel January 13, 2013
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The act of cunnilingus being performed while the recipient is defecating.
A female Blumpkin
Last night, we chowed down hard at the taquiera, then Louise gave me one badass Blumpkin... So, I returned the favor with some Dungalingus. Those swimmers noseplugs really helped both of us. Wanna see the vid?
by JD Steel September 21, 2011
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