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1)Middle-class teenagers who only want attention from their parents or their peers who have enough grease in their hair to fry enough bacon for the 10 trillion people in this world. They wear a lot of black and their greasy hair is always covering their face. Most emo kids cut themselves......most of the time for attention, as previously stated....because mommy and daddy "just don't understand".

2)Emo sumed up is goth with no balls(maybe if emos didn't wear castratingly tight jeans they could grow the balls to realize they are being completely ridiculous and that nobody cares.)

3)Posers with bad taste in music.
Jon: have you seen what that freshmen did to himself?
Sally: who the little emo kid? Yeah I saw.
Jon: poser.
by J.R.C. is my life January 04, 2010
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