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:to take a sharp blade, such as a pocket knife, and stab ones self dirently above the knee, preferably up to the hilt.

Dustining is a self defence move designed to stop anyone from attacking you with the knife.

After dustining, the dustinee will try to calm everyone down by moving both hands in a repeating downward motion, arms stretched, palms down and with fingers spread.
"Don't come near or I'll dustin!"

"OH MY GOD! He totally just dustined!"
by J. Robinson April 28, 2009

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west coast expression meaning a person who is a complete tool.

an "egg-on toast" is usually the younger sibling of a friend
Guy 1:"that guy is so annoying!"
Guy 2:"yeah, he's a real egg-on toast"

E-O T:"hey guys! hey! hey! i'm over here! heeeey!"
Girl 1:(to Girl 2)"oh. mygod. she/he is such an egg-on toast"
by J. Robinson May 04, 2009

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slang term for type of tick found in the temperate rainforest of western British Columbia

the "dustinsectoid" will burrow into the flesh of it's host and derive it's nourishment from the energy filled blood

the slang term refers to the creature's preferred spot to draw blood, directly above the knee, the same area involved in dustining
hiking in the woods
"everybody check for dustinsectoids!"
by J. Robinson May 04, 2009

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when you have nothing to say, this phrase is used to break silence and as a conversation starter
Person 1: *chewing gum*


Person 2: "I want some blue gum. Do you have blue gum for me?"
by J. Robinson May 12, 2009

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a phrase used to shun someone for liking something that you don't

usually accompanied by pushing the person being shunned
Person 1: "Man, it is so humid!"

Person 2: "I like it when it is humid."

Person 1: "DO YOU? Then go down to your humid grass!" *shove*
by J. Robinson May 11, 2009

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