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A phase in your life that occurs frequently when you are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people. These activities do not always end in sex, but can lead to it. You have a high tendency to dance provocatively with strangers, be a tease in social settings, flirt non-stop, kiss and/or make-out with others, and get caught up in the moment. This phase helps you establish what you like and don't, explore your sexuality, and have fun. You have the ability to stop these actions or snap out of the phase.

This phase typically occurs when you are in a social setting and you have a lot of pent up energy and went to let loose. Some may think this is shallow, but knowing yourself is a learning process.
Jake: "You went through a major hoe-phase your first year of college, huh?"

Billy: "Fuck yes. I made out with so many random chicks at parties. It was great"

Jake: "You did that all year?"

Billy: "Yea"

Jake: "Hoe-Phase indeed"
by J-Unit1620 May 2, 2012
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