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A very slutty, fake, and unattractive women with no friends that constantly tries to hang out with her boyfriend for atleast 12 hours a day for atleast 5 days out of a week. She will try to alienate her boyfriend from her friends and family and is obnoxious to those people. She also agrees with every single thing he says no matter how stupid and wrong and will have no regrets about it. She is also a cheap person that will usually own one jacket and buy all of her clothes from shoppers world and/or walmart.
Jack: Yo bree you and Steve wanna chill tonight

Jeff: Nah I can't, steve's with that Shannon Coin and shes not going home till like 11:30

Jack: Hasn't she been over their since like 9 in the morning

Jeff: Yep, usual saturday
by J Dubbs69 December 28, 2011
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