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A very intoxicated female or male who is loud, obnoxious, disruptive and usually disrespectful to people around him or her. A person who has no self control regarding alcohol and its effects. A person who often doesn’t remember what happened the night before but still loves to get drunk. Drunk bitches are known to cure hangovers with greasy food and rootbeer. They can be seen and heard yelling obscenities at fellow party goers and members of authority. Drunk bitches are the life of the party and attract a large following of admirers. Drunk bitch is not referred to as a negative remark towards others but rather as a way to say welcome we love drunk people.
"I was such a drunk bitch last night I made out with 5 different guys"

"look at that drunk girl she can't even stand!DRUNK BITCH!"

"do you wanna go out tonight and be drunk bitches?"

by J A C June 03, 2006
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