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A Dumb-o is a person who is actually intelligent but the intelligence is hidden behind the clumsiness and craziness! A Dumb-o is a great friend and thinks the weirdest thing! It is someone who listens to your problems and actually cares. They usually make fun of you and you have a lot of inside jokes about them, such as things about typos like Dipshiv and waving your palm flat up and down with five fingers out meaning "3-way" A Dumb-o has problems of their own and is extremely nice and loving and caring! But.... pretty dumb. But one of them will always find the dumbest things ever about you!
"Look! A Dumb-o just ran into a tree!"

"Dumb-o is such a dipshiv with her Allisonland accent! Not even real British!"

"That Dumb-o just fell down a flight of steps!"

"I gotta talk to a Dumb-o tonight!"
by Ivy Slade April 07, 2009

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A Woozee is a guy (not a girl) you talk to both online and in real life. It is not an insult. You can use the term talking to the person or talking to someone else.
"hey tonight I'm gonna go talk to a Woozee"

"hey woozee! What's up?"
by Ivy Slade April 05, 2009

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