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MaximillianMus is the sexiest person to ever live and he's everyone idol oh yeah yeah. He roams the world and will ever do oh yeah yeah. If anybody talk shit about MaximillianMus in public or on the internet, you'll be haunted for the rest of your life oh yeah yeah. MaximillianMus might even start a war against you oh yeah yeah
Randi kid: Hi!
MaximillianMus: Go and fuck yourself oh yeah yeah
by ItzMe123Yeah January 22, 2019
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A boy that has lots friends like E L I A S & O S C A R and hundreds of others. He is very nice and loves basketball and amazing at it. He also has dark hair and is very handsome. Everyone loves Savian especially his friends. Savian also enjoys playing games on his iPad like RoS. Savian is amazing! 10/10 Leeeeetsgoooooo!
by ItzMe123Yeah February 06, 2018
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A nerd that streams and plays Fortnite 24/7 . And he has LiGMA

LiGMA balls
You’re such a “Ninja” just sittin’ And playing Fortnite all day. Just go out and be with your friends
by ItzMe123Yeah October 22, 2018
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A retard that goes to school who thinks he’s the leader (A terrible leader) he will just act just like his “fake friendsand yeah his “fake friends” pretend their his friend. They hate him!! He can be very mean and think he’s soooooo cool.
He’s the worst person to ever live. There is only one Noah like this and he lives somewhere in Asia. What a fucktard!!!!
“Noah is just such a great person
by ItzMe123Yeah March 01, 2018
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