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A place kids are forced to go to, to learn. You must suffer years of painful work and pear pressure. I think they should make schools with like one kid and one teacher in each room, then it'd be easier to concentrate. Homwork takes away your life after it was sucked out at school, so you have NO free time. If you end up moving from school to school, you're mega screwed, because people will fuckin' beat new kids. If you're late, DETENTION, don't do your work, DETENTION, fall a sleep or eat in class, or something else perfectly natural, DETENTION. Detention is usually 2 hours long, and takes a chunk of your day out, if you act "bad" in detention or forget about it. 4 HOUR DETENTION. Chances are you deal with nothing but assholes for classmates, and half your teachers will be awful. Also the worst possible thing that will ever happen in school is when a teacher picks a favorite. When a teacher likes a student more then the rest, this teacher will give that one undiserving student good grades for nothing, then grade extra harsh on everybody else.(usually the student picked as a favorite is the biggest racist, asshole, basterd or slut, and acts like a teachers's pet, and "knows everything")
(Ex: Bad Teacher) My teacher was checking my homework for an entire lesson, and I did one little part of one minor page wrong, AND I WAS FAILED FOR THE WHOLE THING! About 5 problems done wrong took off like 25% of my grade. Someone else didn't do any of the homework and got 50% for nothing, while I got a 0 for all my hard work.(true story) Man, I can really hate school sometimes.
by It's me again and again February 19, 2009

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