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Anglicans Whom are often called angels
Seven angels were sent to earth to help the people
Each angel was said to do serant task.

There are many forms of angelicas

And like everyone else they look like normal people.

You can not look at a person and go Yep she's an anglican Just because the person looks hot/sexy or has a cute face.

No they can come in many forms.

Not all angicans are nice and sweet, In fact some can be bitter and cold.

Not all angicans are light bringers or holy.

Not all of them are follower of god or goody goody.

There are such thing as dark anglics and angel so filled with hatred that she or he becomes what some call an gray angel. This is the frist form an dark angelic takes before becoming an a true dark demonic creature.

The gray angels Are often filled with sadness and false hope. Depite this they still have love for humans and try to please them. But the more time they spend with there human friends the more they grow to envy them, The more they grow to hate them. So much That they would even go as far as killing them.

The 2nd form of this transform is called the dark-Anglicans.
They are so filled with hatred that there very eye's glow red, And only hatred can be seen in there faces. There wings half angle like and half demonic. They enjoy lieing and twisting and playing with your head. They'll pretend to your friend just to get what they want before they drain you slowly, and I mean slowly.

The 3rd and finally form are called demontiors. Or demon who ones was a angel of light. Ones they are in this form, There is no hope or ever saving them. These creatures are said to be so evil that the gods them self ones banishents them away into the darkness, They'll not kill you in sight but they will kill you slowly. Draining you. Very few see get a chance to see a demontior and live to tell about it. Often they appear as shadows, not not in your bedroom closest, Or under your bed. They only live in the astro-real Or in the very dark part of it. Very rarely do they visit the human world, Often and only to feed on souls. Human souls that are trapped in this world, and who refused to pass. Or bad souls who did naughty things. Oh sure how bad can it be? Right to be eaten by one of these things? Well do bad things and you'll find out, You'll find out.

Now despite all this.

Some angelicans are sent to help people

But like I said just because someone is an angelican. Doesn't mean there always good. Sometimes an angel starts out good....Tell the darkness gets to them.

Ways to spot an angelican

Often has an arua colors of

Blue whites ingo Yellows and purples
Can have others colors as well but most of the time White blues and yellows will be tossed in there
Are empath and often healers
When around them people claim to feel more happy
Or at ease.
Alot of angelicans hate larg crouds
Often needing time to themselfs
Unlike psi's Anglicans give enegry instead of taking it.
Which is the main reason they need to recharge.
There are also hybred anglicans Half angel half human.
Most anglicans born are often only 50%-75% Anglicans.

Only true anglicans are stent Or casted from the heavens.
Those who are born are often called Angels of earth, Or one who are born of the earth. These people can choice to live a normal life Unlike there full blooded brothers and sisters.

She so sweet just like an anglican

That poor girl I swear she was casted from the heavens

She has the face of an angel

He might look sweet but I can already tell he's going down the wrong road.
by Irisa March 16, 2007
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