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(n) An internet prank where the victim clicks on a misleading link that directs them to the video clip for the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.
The meme originated on 4chan. The prank was originally called "Duckrolling" and had the exact same type of luring technique, but instead lead to an edited picture of a duck on wheels. The first instance of "Rickrolling" occurred in May 2007 on 4chan's /v/ board, where a link claiming to be the first major trailer for "Grand Theft Auto IV" instead led to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" video clip. The prank's popularity began to soar and eventually became one of the greatest internet memes.
"That man is notorious for his "RickRoll" videos."
by InsertWittyNameHere1234 October 24, 2009

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