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To CharlieSheen, (verb) has quite a few meanings. It can mean to generally be erratic, to bang everything including but not limited to dirty hookers, classy hookers, 7 to 30 gram crack rocks, alien heads (yes cause you are on that level), to operate in one speed, one mode, one gear, to party so hard everyone else looks like droopy eyelided armless children, to harness focus, forget normalizing, and generally just lay the smackdown on life!
"Hey, man! I got that tiger blood" "Oh, so you're parents charlie sheened a tiger?"

"Say man, I gotta couple hookers last night and charlie sheened the hell out of them!" "Isn't that illegal?"

"I charlie sheened can't and can't is the cancer of happen therefore blinking my eye and curing my brain is the negative influx of all terrestrial tiger blood beholders"
by InlowOuthigh March 08, 2011

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