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It refers to the act of giving yet providing nothing of substance in return, as it is named after the parasitic organism a leech.

Leecher can be applied practially to peer to peer file sharing protocols, or networks (Bittorrent, Kazza Fast Track, Gnutella}, in which the leecher consumes bandwidth by downloading, yet has no will to upload or give back to a community.

Particularly in Bittorrent, leechers are not actually increasing their performance, but possibly are decreasing it.
I know a leecher who in order to acheive maximum network thourough-output restricts uploading while bittorrenting.
by Indrid Cold August 8, 2004
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FOSS is an acroymn which refers to Free and Open Source Software. A term nessicary to describe two releated entities, yet different and seperate in some important philosophies.

This acroymn has its origins when the Free Software Foundation proclaimed their GNU General Public License as not actually open source, even though it is considered an open source liscense and is compliant with the Open Source Definition as described by the Open Source Initiative.
The FOSS communities are related, and differ only in extreamly judgemental geek lexicon and proclamations.
by Indrid Cold August 8, 2004
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