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Boys between the age of around 17 to like, 28 who have learned to somehow appear superior to everyone else. They wear a variety of different clothes, contrary to the stereotype of skinny jeans, chucks, cardigans, and tight vintage t-shirts. The stereotypical 'indie boys' are most likely posers. True indie boys wear semi-forgotten, common and sometimes even mainstream items in an ironic way that, even though he is wearing something that everyone else wears, he brings an air of individuality. Items may include Sperry's boat shoes, baseball hat, holiday sweaters, dress shirt, leather belt, dad's tie, zip-up hoodies, Ray Bans, etc.
Unlike emos, scenes, and punks (if there are any punks out there anymore), indie boys do not pile shit up to prove to society their identity. They keep it simple and classy. Indie boys are indie boys, they don't need to prove anything; they've got an aura that says a thousand words, hence their quiet but strong presence.
bro #1: OMG is that an indie boy over there in the used book store?
bro #2: Ho. Lee. Shet. Yeah it is.
bro #1: Let's go observe and learn his ways.
bro #2: Imagine how many girls he gets a day!
by Indie boy hunter August 25, 2010

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