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It's an Igbo name popularly shortened as Chinonye and also called as Chukwunonyerem.
Name popularly answered by Imo, Abia and Anambra states.
The name means God is with me or God be with me depending on the tone it's been called with, it's a unisex name for Beautiful and handsome individuals, bearers of this name tends to have God's presence in their lives which is evident of their great exploits in life.

The usually start small but Grace of who is with them pushes them higher and more higher above their mates and seniors.

They are fun to be with and classy too, good husband material because they are understanding and with a down to earth attitude they tend to keep a good home.
Her: what does your name Chinonyerem mean?

Me: it's means God is with me.
Her: wow that's so nice
by IncredibleEmma August 06, 2019

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