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A lot of the boys are sexists and a lot of the girls are sluts. There are also the druggies, but the ones who aren't ridiculously rich are pretty cool. The boys swear a lot because it makes them feel manly and the girls wear skanky clothing and sleep around to feel better about them selves. The boys need to learn that acting like assholes isn't attractive, the girls need to learn that they don't need to sleep around to be attractive, and both groups need to stop pushing these social expectations onto eachother.

The teachers are either good or bad; there is no middle ground. If they aren't telling you how you'll be working at McDonald's for your eentire life, they're talking about how they've just moved in with one of the other teachers.
The good ones are the ones who actually try to teach the students how to use the knowledge they accumulate in their classes. Very few teachers will ever believe a student would ever do something nice and selfless for a classmate else.

The administrators are two extremes. You get on their list, you're on it forever, otherwise they ignore you.

The librarians are awesome.
Person 1: Look at that poor, troubled child!

Person 2: They probably go to Madison High School...
by ImScaredForMyClassmates April 10, 2011

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