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Free-for-all hiring based on favoritism and nepotism. These "professionals" work FOR the company or organization and not for the employee, but technically, the org is comprised of managers that are sub-humans, so the title became "Human Resources".

Traits of HR personnel are: laziness, low-confidence, authoritarian, anti-social, and weak-willed.

Many venturing into the profession quickly abandon their career as they have a higher morality than the bottom-feeders who choose to suck their soul away into the dingy abyss known as "Corporate". Look in to their eyes and notice the emptiness and lack of personality.

Official definition: Slag who hates people and him/herself and wants to control others.

Still, no one really knows what else they do in-between interviews and "think-tank" sessions - yeah, okay...you mean coffee(booze)-breaks and surfing Ebay for resued self-help books, craft supplies and spanx.
Fred: "Hey, did you see that new movie about that chick that was all possessed and killed her family for eternal control after the rapture?"
Bob: "Yeah, yeah! She was totally HRing!

Luci: "Oh, my gawd! Did you just see Jen totally hit on Meg's fiance after she just told Meg she was so happy to be her bridesmaid?! What an HR move!"
by IknowWhatYouDon'tWantToAdmit January 20, 2012
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