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The worst fucking website on the whole fuckin internet!! I used to go on until I got addicted and realised that I had spent $450 on fucking pixels!! I'm gonna fucking sew Sulake the (mofo) who invented habbo! They make you pay for pixelated furniture!! They must be fucking swimming in money bcoz like 10 million people in the world, maybe more, spend their hard earned cash on buying fuckin pixels! Sulake has stooped really low!! Geez,some assholes will do anything for money!! They stooped low!!!
Habbo hotel is for assholes and pixel daters. People date pixels. Paedophiles have sex, known as cyber with girls!! DON'T EVER GO ON!! YOU WILL GET FUCKING ADDICTED AND BEFORE U KNOW IT, YOU'LL UNKNOWINGLY HAVE SPENT $100,000 ON BUYING FUCKIN PIXELS!!
by Ih8HabboHotel May 28, 2006
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