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This expressions stands for real gentlemen who go on with fucking a pretty girl, although they get to know that she is a real bitch and a little whore,too.

The expression is used for all kind of bitches who firstly appear as nice and cute innocent little girls, but afterwards they show their real intentions.

Men who decline doing "biotchesluv" are strictly scorned by society and their aged mothers.

D'expressions iz standin' fo' rea' hustlaz goin' on witcha fuckin' a nasty biotch, even they'z ge'in' knowin' thatcha iz a rea' biotch'n lil' hoe, too!
D'expression'z usin' fo' all kinda biotches mainly appearin' as lil' brats, bu' later'z showin' thow rea' intentions.

Hustlaz declinin' doin' d' "biotchesluv" iz strictly been scornin' by other fellaz'n thow mova.
"Hey,honey! You are so damn cute, I wanna sleep with you. You are so beautiful, I guess you stored all your love for me,babe:D!" **candlelight**
"Well babe, not only your computer has got a huge storage. Let's blast this fucking candles of! Gimme ya dick,man! I wanna smack that!I guess you'll be got doin' the biotchesluv!"
by Igge January 22, 2006

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