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The crushing realisation that everything is not entirely as it seems but you're already committed, in exactly the same way as a rat in a trap could be also be described as committed.
Dude1:"Just got a fantastic deal on a new phone, check it out! its like ten a month!"
Dude2:"That's the introductory offer, after the first three months it's fifty, for the next three years..."
Dude1:<Looks at phone, feels blood draining from face, has Wonderbra moment>
by Ice in the cider May 25, 2011
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An act of self pleasure that includes visual stimulation provided by a special interest magazine or other print media but does not involve the playback of electronic media. In decline since 1994 and notably affected by the widespread adoption of broadband technology.
Dude, my broadband is down again, I'll have to dust off my emergency copy of <insert special interest magazine here> and go for an analog wank instead.
by Ice in the cider March 29, 2011
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