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People from Southasia, such as Bangladesh, India or Sri Lanka.
They are usually looking like African people, they either have curly or straight hair.
Many brown people are Muslims (Not arabs!) , Hindus or Buddhists.
Yo homie, look at dat brown man right there his ma homie!
by Ice Killa November 24, 2006
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Bangladesh is a small country located in Southasia, a very warmth continent, little like Southafrica...its makes the people of the country very very angry when called gandhi, arab, pakistan, or indian...people of bangladesh are usually dark, looking like black people but they are called brown people hehe
People of bangladesh usually have curly or straight hair, so sometimes its easy to have afro or fix cornrows when u have curly hair. Main religions are Islam, hinduism, buddhism or christianity....Bangladesh's Cox's Bazaar is the longest beach in da world
Main city is Dhaka, the money are called "taka" so 100 Takas is 25 SEK.....people their are usually poor and many people are religious, the drive ways and carways is full crowded of cars....
Some bengali people are usually into hiphop culture...in USA..usually bengali people rap on bangla but that do not make them famous...so if y'all wanna be rapper, its better to rap on english...

Attention: often, some bengali people refer themself as "niggas" and thats wrong, cuz people of asia was not slaves so why use the word 'nigga' when u from southasia??
Some brown people do dat, due to the color of their skin, but not all black people accepts dat, some black people do when brown people are using the word nigga.... if u very dark, they may accept u using the word nigga when u say hi to them....
So one thing, y'all bengali, sri lankan and even indian people remember: Dont Refer Y'all self as "Real niggaz", Real niggaz are allways from Africa, not from Asia
I usually using tha work "Homie" when i see a black man...thats better
A conversation of people of Bangladesh

Bengali Man1: "Waz cracking Bangsta (Bengali) Homie, what have u done today?"
Bengali Man2: "Nuttin brown brotha, just chillin around Los Angeles and shit ya know homie"
by Ice Killa November 24, 2006
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