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Buggar or Bugger
1.This word is most often used in negative terms to represent indiffernce, pity, annoyance/anger, sympathy, defeat or can be simply used as an exclamation of suprise or insult.
2.It is used interchangably with such words or sayings as, Shit, oh shit, holy crap, damnit, oh my god, you bastard, oh well, poor diddems etc.
Example (what it could mean)
Someone1: "BUGGAR (holy crap/Oh my god), MY HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN!!!"
Someone2: 'That's a buggar..' (oh dear/that sucks/better you then me)
Someone2: 'I know, that was the plan. Insurance and all.'
Someone1: "WHY YOU LITTLE BUGGAR! (you bastard/ how dare you)"
Someone2: "Dun' worry your dogs in the truck"
Someone1: sighs "oh buggar it (I give up) I'm going to the pub"
by Ibbly January 01, 2006

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