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A Nexon America CombatArms Clan, this clan is well known for having hacks and using those hacks to powerlevel.

Also known as BB or BB's when someone is emphasizing them for being a Hacking and PowerLeveling Clan

A number of there members a day somehow get large amounts of xp ( 200K + ), though unexplained.

These noobs somehow have slipped passed Nexon unnoticed, with only 2-3 members ever being banned
BB the hack clan?

Bloodbrother should be known as ButtBuddies.

Bloodbrother is the Worst clan ever.

Those BB's have been at it again, just look up Erbaz.

Nexon should go into the BB's Private rooms, heck they could ban them all.

Powerleveling noobs, all those Bloodbrothers should be banned.
by Ibasiloo October 28, 2011

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