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Munchie Monday is a weekly celebrated tradition originating in March of 2010. The basic idea is to smoke greens and then eat food of a certain type.

Munchie Monday came to be because of two friends random visit to two kids living in a dorm room on a Sunday night. By random happening, they came across smore pancakes and thus decided at some other point in time those must be made.

Over a month later, on Monday March 1st all four friends gathered to create smore pancakes. They indulged in their ganja, and though one bailed, finally made the epic pancake of smore. Since then there has been a second and third installment of munchie Monday, the second having been Fruit Loop night and the third sandwich night.
"Hey... so tomorrow's munchie Monday! What shall it be?!"
"Pizza night?"
by I_see_yooou March 15, 2010

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