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Anyone who listens primarilly to some form of metal. It's okay to listen to other genres. Some say bands like korn and system of a down suck. I listen to them , I just don;t consider them to be metal, they're rock. Many have significant amountrs of pent-up rage. Starting a fight with one is typically unwise. Many will simply ignore minor slights but if the issue is pressed they will either beat the shit out of you or if you manage to win do their best to fuck you up as well.Usually have long hair and wear black or camoflage, though not always. MAKE-UP IS NOT FUCKING METAL!
Poser:(to metalhead) You suck!.
Metalhead: goes back to listening to more metal.
Poser(to friend):Watch me kick his ass.
Metalhead: gets up and slams posers face into wall
Posers friend:runs
Metalhead:goes back to the metal
by IPunchEmos December 27, 2009
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