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A popular brand of Cognac, usually referring to Hennessy V.S. as opposed to other Hennessy products. V.S stands for "Very Special", which is ironic because there is nothing special at all about this Cognac. A bottle can easily be purchased for $30 from any liquor store. Drinking V.S neat is not particularly pleasurable for most, as the Cognac can be described as very "bold" and strong. V.S is best served mixed with other drinks, like Coke or coffee. Courvoisier V.S is a vastly superior Cognac that costs only slightly more than Hennessy V.S.
Hennessy, unlike Courvoisier however, has earned quite the reputation in popular culture. Various rap stars have mentioned the brand in their songs, and Kanye West has even been seen drinking it straight from the bottle at the VMAs.
This reputation that Hennessy has received has both its good sides and bad sides for various people. Kids trying to act gangsta will drink Hennessy to be like their rap star idols, and feel good about it. Conversely, people who genuinely enjoy the Cognac may be looked down upon as poseurs, when in reality they are trying to do no such thing.
Hennessy Cognac has been referred to as "Heem" in popular culture.
Me "Hennessy V.S Cognac is decent, but I would much rather have Courvoisier."

History Lesson: Napoleon liked Courvoisier and not Hennessy for a reason.
by ILoveCognac November 03, 2009

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