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A cheesy dude who thinks he's in the matrix, bowling round in his nifty-lookin' shades and saying stuff like "fuck the corporate bigwigs" and saying "ass" when they're British.

A clumsy attempt at a punk-cum-hippie. They tend to rock a flimsy-yet-long mane atop their acne-ridden faces. Walking with a bob that only the truly socially inept can manage and avoiding eye contact with anyone they pass, goombies will listen to their faux-rock while mime-drumming.

Rubbish trainer/jean combos are also a tell-tale sign.
Normal Man - "Hey man, do you want to go and grab some coffee later or something?"

Goombie - "Fuck the corporations, asshat."


Normal Man - "Hey man, want to go for a drink tonight?"

Goombie - "Society is so evil freakin' evil, government fatcats and chavs are ruining the enviroment."


Normal Man - "Hey man."

Goombie - "You just hate me 'cos I'm different."
by IJBlog August 02, 2011
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