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A phrase popularized by the comedian Jim Jefferies,

Masturbating after consuming about 1+ grams of coke. By the fifth hour, when you actually have an orgasm you are so dehydrated that it's more like gelatin pellets spitting onto your chest, instead of semen.
"At this point I was really just looking forward to my Coke Wank, and the fat bitch wouldn't leave my hotel" - Jim Jefferies
by ICallThisTheDoubleBarrel June 06, 2014

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1. A set of rules followed by guys who never get laid.
2. A guide on to how not to get laid.
An example on how not get laid straight from the Bro Code: "Bros before hoes" this should really be "Chicks before dicks" because real bros get laid.
by ICallThisTheDoubleBarrel July 21, 2011

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