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one of the best halo-driven comedic videos on youtube, a must see for any Halo fans
The Master Chief Sucks At Halo
The Master Cheif Sucks At Halo 2
The Master Chief Sucks At Halo 3

make sure the author/director on the first and second ones is DigitalPh33r and for the last its Machinma
by IAmTheTruth November 13, 2007

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-The opposite of Serendipity.

- the inexorable discovery of bad things.
-Making unhappy, unlucky discoveries occurring by design.

-Unpleasant surprise
He knew that something was wrong, but still he decided to ask. The answer to his question confirming his thoughts. She was dead. It was pure zemblanity.
by Iamthetruth May 08, 2015

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