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The awesomest news show in the entire world in which the awesome Anderson Cooper highlights the events of the day and looks incredibly good while doing it. The kids call it AC360.
guy 1- I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 last night. Wasn't it awesome?!?!?

guy 2- IT WAS AMAZING! Anderson Cooper is SOOO gorgeous!
by I love AC September 19, 2012

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An extremely talented and hard-working person on CNN. She hosts Starting Point in the morning and sometimes fills in for other CNN hosts at night like Anderson Cooper. In other words, she is extremely amazing. She is married to Bradley Raymond, director of some Disney movies like Lion King 1 1/2 and Pocahontas II.
Guy 1- Hey, were you watching Good Day New York this morning?

Guy 2- No way! Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien was on! I watch it everyday!

Guy 1- OMG! I know her! She filled in for Anderson Cooper for an entire week last August!

Guy 2- She's wonderful!

Guy 1- IKR!
by I Love AC September 26, 2012

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