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A big, brown, lumpy piece of crap, see diahhrea. Having Miley Cyrus's can sometimes lead to a visit from the doctor. After a Miley Cyrus, flush at least 3 times then air freshen. Very bad poop, sometimes even with mold or fungus. Also can be partly green. If you mix a Miley Cyrus and pee together, it becomes a Britney Spears.

try to NEVER have Miley Cyrus's
Guy 1: Eww, last night I left a huge Miley Cyrus in the toilet!

Guy 2: What did you do?

Guy 1: Well, I flushed it 6 times, sprayed 4 cans of air freshener, then stepped outside for about half an hour while the odor cleared out.

Guy 2: Wow, I hope I don't have a Miley Cyrus!

Guy 1: I know, they're awful! The sound of the crapping makes your ears bleed! Never listen, or have, her again! Yuck!

Guy 2: I promise!
by I Hate Miley Cyrus January 05, 2009

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