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North Babylons a pretty decent town as much as my likes. Most kids from here are either the "gangster" type or punk-rock type, but nobody likes them and are often trageted to drive by killings, killings in which they are slammed with a bottle of some sort or have water poured on them and occasionaly a sauce packet, most preferably from McDonalds because theyre big containers. Most kids here smoke MASS amounts of weed(Piff of course, no regs, just dro and exos) and drive around egging people or cursing them out for no reason but when your blitted its fun. overall north bab is the number 1 town in suffolk and will fuck west bab and especially Queer Park up any day! Cheaaa!
Lets go blow a cloud of some piff into the drive thorugh at the north babylon McDonalds then kill the lady will a cup of water

Who got 5 on It?

Wats good with an Owop?

Theres bag lady screaming to herself lets throw something at her
by I Get High August 22, 2007

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