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A band that is in no way hardcore. I have listened to 5 songs from This war is ours and 2 from Dying is your latest Fashion. All of the fanboys of this band claim that theyre old singer was amazing and him leaving made the band worse. Personally when I heard that song The Day I left The Womb, I literally laughed out loud. The singers voice cracked like a pubescent boy during the song. It was hilarious.

But to the point, this band is (mostly) for people who think they have problems(aka vampire emo pussy wannabees)

I think that this band musically isnt good or bad, however the old singer on The Day I Left The Womb sucked and the new singer on the song This War is Ours sucked at the screamo grunt metal voice. It was sad.

Lyrics include:
"I feel the pressure, its coming down on me"

"Ashley baby, you make me feel so alive, ive got purpose once again"

"I touched her ooh she touched my aahh"

Bands I like: Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, and im starting to like Children of Bodom
Emo 12 year old girl: "Escape the Fate has such meaningful lyrics and is so hardcore, you should listen :)"

Me: Oh my God! This sucks (plays song People=Sh*t by Slipknot)

Emo 12 year old girl:"Mommy make him stop, my ears are bleeding, ITS TOO HARDCORE wah wah wah"
by I DONT LIKE ESCAPE THE FATE August 05, 2009

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