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1 definition by I'm very British

The quality of acting like a stereotypical Brit.

This may include:

holding incredibly old-fashioned and reactionary views

a fear of change, the unknown or leftist politics

excessive stiffening of the upper lip

extreme examples of caution (caused by the fear of the unknown)

overuse of the terms sorry, please and thankyou

probably being white, middle-class and male

finding youths distasteful

being modest to the point of irritating
- I didn't apply for the job; I probably wouldn't have got it anyway
-How very British of you!

-Look at those youths, in their hoodies, walking down the streets, with their mobile phones. Disgraceful.
-Stop being so very British about it!

-Damn lefties, trying to give votes to the plebs again
-How very NOT British of them.
by I'm very British March 23, 2011
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